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In it, writer Jennifer Steinhauer takes her fellow parents to task for bringing (gasp! Though she had some valid points, the article was, in general, utterly tone deaf and annoying in the exact ways that make people claim foodies are elitist.First there’s the judgmentalness: In the countless sales I have attended over the years, I have been amazed by the number of packaged cookies, high-end cupcakes and impeccably round marzipan-covered confections that people plop down on the table, with no compunction, to be resold.And this is an issue that goes well beyond bake sales and potlucks.

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This morning I opened the New York Times Dining & Wine section to find a Very Irritating Food Story called “‘Store Bought’ Spoils the Potluck Spirit” staring me in the face.

Some of these women became social workers who advocated for the poor.

They established soup kitchens and classes for new immigrants and low-income homemakers. Corporate giants such as the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco), Campbells, Swift, General Mills, Quaker Oats, Kraft, Jell-O, and Hershey's provided products, "invented" recipes and created a steady demand for a wider variety of foods. Government intervention Food & Drug Act (1906), Popular cookbooks Home menus Daily menus are served by month or season, reflecting historic pre-mass refrigeration techonolgy practices. [1901] "September Sunday Breakfast Melons, sago, vegetable hash, broiled veal cutlets, fried tomatoes, coffee.

Your librarian can help you obtain the articles you need. Find a library that owns these magazines for the decade you want.

Browse them for recipes, food ads, table decorations, and party tips.

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