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Rob Curtis, the current managing director of Gaydar, told Buzz Feed News: “Eighteen years ago, Henry and his partner Gary revolutionised the way that gay men meet, and in doing so created a safer environment for LGBT people everywhere.The Gaydar team is shocked and saddened to hear of Henry’s passing and send our sincerest sympathies to Henry’s friends and family.”Frisch and Badenhorst had come to London two years earlier to set up a revenue management company called QSoft.Henry Badenhorst, the cofounder of the trailblazing Gaydar dating website, has died after falling from a tower block in his native South Africa, close friends of the businessman have confirmed to Buzz Feed News. The cause of death has not yet been formally established, but it is understood he killed himself.Along with Gary Frisch, his business and romantic partner, Badenhorst founded Gaydar in November 1999.In 1963, a journal in Holland published a survey of Afrikaans literature in which the author, an unknown anthropologist called Professor Abel Coetzee, presented himself as the greatest novelist in that language ­– and a second unknown, Soul Erasmus Smit (who turned out to be a pseudonym of Coetzee), “the undisputed monarch of Afrikaans poetry”. Today, there are many (myself included) who regard another Coetzee in the same extravagant light: the Afrikaner novelist, JM Coetzee.The author of Disgrace is but one of several South African writers who have transformed their country’s literature into a world literature, among them André Brink, who has now, aged 73, published his life story.There are areas in his life that, even now, he seems still unwilling to probe, like his earlier marriages or role in bringing up young children.There are occasions when, unwilling to break confidences, he deflects into reverie.

Because Antigone is the other spirit that looms over this book. Chief among Brink’s unburied bones is his relationship with his father.His novel, Brink writes, was apparently a vehicle for moral anarchy, not merely because of what it described on the pages, “but most especially because of what one can imagine happening between the chapters”.It is Brink’s repeated axiom that the truth is “that which cannot be said”.But it was Gaydar that made their name and their fortune, and forged incalculable connections between gay, bi and queer men.Although a few dating sites such as had begun to capitalise on both the new opportunities the burgeoning internet offered and the need among gay and bisexual men to connect, Gaydar revolutionised the way it was done.

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