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2, or something involving sheep, geese or wasps: one of my James Herriot books (those have a lot of sheep stories)Vaduz - European royalty (Royal Spyness mystery perhaps? Starter for 10 - General non-fiction (everything's useful in trivia)Books read:1.

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Another example: one of my coworkers cannot believe that I think David Morrissey is adorable. Brandon in Sense and Sensibility (among other things), whereas she's only seen him as The Governor on The Walking Dead, so she is terrified of him and I just go "Awww! (I even started watching TWD because of him, although only his scenes.)LOL, I haven't seen TV or seen a non-animated feature in years so I've missed out on Cumberbatch. I have one more book left in my 2013 challenge and then will be over here sharpish to start my 2014 challenge : D82 majkia:: WOW! Very well done.****And speaking of Doctor Who, how appropriate that it is the subject of my first book in this challenge.

I may return to your thread over and over just to look at the pretty pictures and maybe even refer to it for movie recs! Summer Falls and Other Stories, by Amelia Williams Category: "Star Trek Into Darkness / The Hobbit"Source: library Rating: 3.5/5Review: is a collection of three stories that tie into or play a part in Series 7 of Doctor Who (in the "new" chronology): Summer Falls, The Angel's Kiss, and The Devil in the Smoke.

I'd already read The Angel's Kiss in audio and preferred it in that format. So far all the books have been in different categories, but that's not going to last ;)Father Knows Zilch: A Guide for Dumbfounded Dads, by Linwood Barclay Category: "Starter for Ten" (I guess humour is non-fiction in my setup...)Source: Abebooks Rating: 4/5Review: very enjoyable book for those who like Dave Barry and want to try a similar author.

51 lkernagh:: That movie is pretty hard to find, from what I hear, although it might be on You Tube. Some enterprising soul needs to repackage his earlier films for sale. ) Ngaio Marshes: Artists in Crime and Death in a White Tie. Someone really ought to re-release his earlier material now that he is becoming so popular. It's closer to his natural hair colour, which he describes as auburn.

Hey rabbitprincess, at first I thought I wasn't familiar with Cumberbatch but then I scrolled down and Wow! I watched Atonement for the second time a few weeks back.

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