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The 1966 wavy baseline 20 cent coin is counted among Australia's rarest decimal coins issued for circulation.

Although 58.2 million 20 cent coins were struck dated 1966; very, very few of these feature what collector's describe as a "wavy baseline".

Some remaining fragments of the Roman walls have been incorporated into the cathedral.

The cathedral, also known as the Basilica La Seu, is said to have been founded in 343.

Without atypical conditions occurring horizontal movement between the hub and the die is not produced and the result is a normal image being transferred to the die.

However, at times faults do occur and the results lead to an imperfect image transfer." The trail die and wavy step errors seen on US coins are far, far less obvious than the wavy baseline seen on the 1966 20 cent, so this explanation may well be a red herring.

Internationally, Barcelona's name is wrongly abbreviated to 'Barça'.

However, this name refers only to FC Barcelona, the football club.

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Well-circulated coins dated 1966 can still be found in change nearly half a century later, whereas the 1966 20 cent with the wavy baseline is very seldom seen in any condition at numismatic auctions.

The way to identify the wavy baseline 20 cent coin is to look at the bottom section of the "2" on the tails side.

The top and bottom edges of the base of the "2" on all standard 20 cent coins are straight, while on the 1966 wavy baseline 20 cent coin, the upper edge of the base of the "2" has an obvious wave to it.

Coins relating to the introduction of decimal currency are hugely popular with the general public - scores of the round 50 cent coins have been hoarded, many thousands of proof and mint sets from 1966 were sold also.

Very few collectors will have such an exclusive and intriguing memento relating to the introduction of decimal currency as this however.

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