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Learning solutions focus on developing or enhancing the competencies and behaviors needed by individuals and teams in order to accomplish meaningful goals and create a positive work climate that encourages and values clarity, interaction, openness, diversity, community and results. One of the exciting things about learning Computer science is that you learn a new and fundamental way of thinking and problem solving; a way of thinking that is critical in the 21st Century.

It is called "Computational Thinking" and the idea that this is one of the big advantages of studying computer science, whatever your ultimate career, is causing a big stir.

Între scrierile sale se regăsesc Jocul cu mărgele de sticlă (1943) și Siddhartha, povestea unui tânar indian, fiu de brahman, plasată in timpul vietii lui Gautama Buddha, în timp ce acesta își propovăduia învățăturile.

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9 august 1962, Montagnola, Elveția) scriitor german, laureat al Premiului Nobel pentru Literatură pe anul 1946.În 1946 îi este decernat Premiul Nobel pentru Literatură pentru lucrarea „Jocul cu mărgele de sticlă”.Hesse a editat publicațiile März (1907-1912) și Vivos voco (1919-1923).This adaptation, growth, and development occur from the inside out. It also consists of some very specific problem solving skills such as the ability to think logically, algorithmically and recursively.The 21st Century Skills are critically important to support the challenges of the modern work-place and the dynamic and rapidly changing knowledge society. Computer Science is unique in the way it brings all these diverse skills together.” Source: Note: cs4fn was created and is written and edited by Paul Curzon, Peter Mc Owan and Jonathan Black of the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science of Queen Mary, University of London with the aim of sharing our passion about all things to do with Computer Science.

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