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Folks who refuse to try to learn to work around problems often become so frustrated that they might call others' attempts to understand and work around the problems "a farce". :) And who knows, maybe Microsoft is going to turn over a new leaf: They've just announced that in the beta for Windows 8 they'll have fixed another different ("folders jump out of the way") issue in Windows Explorer. If exist %userprofile%\App Data\Local\Icon goto del ID echo Previous Icon DB not found...trying to build a new one goto :main :del ID cd /d %userprofile%\App Data\Local del Icon /a pause echo Icon DB has been successfully deleted goto main :main echo Windows 7 must be restarted to rebuild the Icon DB. (Y/N): set /p choice= If %choice% == y goto end echo Restart aborted...please close this window :end shutdown /r /t 0 exit Did you try the "Launch in separate process" setting (#2 above) in addition to testing with Computer as the root namespace as you showed above? You're very good at reproducing problems and I'm interested in whether you see that setting change the nature of the problems on your system.I find that all together these things (and possibly others?The following uses of a mobile phone are likely to be regarded as "dangerous driving": Using a hand-held mobile phone or other hand-held electronic equipment when the driver was avoidably and dangerously distracted by that use will also be considered by the courts as an example of careless or inconsiderate driving.However, if this is the only relevant aspect of the case, a section 41D(b) charge will be more appropriate.The Fixed Penalty (Amendment) Order 2017 amends the Fixed Penalty Order 2000, which prescribes fixed penalty amounts for fixed penalty offences.

That may be a different problem, but on the chance that it's one and the same, I'm going to list steps here to change the cache setting so you can try it.The offence will apply to drivers speaking or listening to a phone call, using a device interactively for accessing any sort of data (which would include the internet), sending or receiving text messages or other images if it was held in the driver's hand during at least part of the period of its operation.In cases where there is doubt about the nature of the device, or dispute about whether it is being used, the alternative offence under section 41(D)(a) of the Road Traffic Act 1988, contravening Regulation 104 (driving in such a position that he cannot have proper control of the vehicle) may be preferred.A long while back I enabled a non-default cache setting on my system, and it changed the timing of file operations.Specifically, Explorer operations seem to complete more quickly with this setting, and that seems to have made all the difference with regard to reproducing the specific problem Ed illustrated.

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