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Explain how depressed and isolated you’re feeling and ask for help. And remember, things will change when you turn 16 and can drive and work.

Dear Abby: Many times, my co-workers make grammatical and punctuation errors in emails they send (both internal and external) or misuse words on conference calls.

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I’m pretty smart and I do well in school, but I’m not good at much else. I need help, some advice, something, Dear Boring Life: Having never met you, I can’t surmise why you have difficulty interacting with others.I have trouble talking to others, which makes things harder.Every day is the same: Get up, go to a long day of school, come home, do homework, play video games, draw, go to bed. My family never does anything, we never go anywhere.The Salchert's first adopted a two-week old baby who they named Emmalynn in 2013.She was born without the right or left hemisphere of her brain and lived for 50 days in the family's care before dying in Cori's arms.

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