Who is dating whoopi goldberg

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One time, he recited an odd incident that occurred at the theater with Bancroft, when a supposed FBI agent pulled a gun on them.

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Harrison was a “real son of a bitch” and “resolutely homophobic.” But it’s the actresses that he deeply cared for — despite their flaws — that makes for the best reading.“Don’t turn the page if you like your stories spoon-fed or sugar-spread,” Langella warns in the preface.“There will be a fair amount of forks to the eyes and knives to the throat; even a self-inflicted wound or two.” Luckily, Langella, 74, delivers, exposing the sometimes self-centered, sometimes nasty and always eccentric lives of his rich and famous friends.It occurred to him moments later that a gun to the head might elicit painful memories for the widow. He came upstairs drunk and thought he’d done it, but he hadn’t,” she told Langella. Though the two were never involved, he does speak about the effect the elderly woman had on men of all ages. Langella admits to sympathizing with Marshall and his wife, Charlene, whom Langella calls Marshall’s “life raft.” Astor, he says, was a “self-involved, non-maternal narcissist who had very little time for her one and only child.” In the end, Marshall only wanted “a mother to recognize her son as not just a name in her appointment book.” ELIZABETH TAYLOR In 2001, Taylor may not have been the beauty she once was, but she still had it, according to Langella.“That must have been very scary for you both,” she said, obviously stunned. “Get him on the phone.” Though 20 years Langella’s senior (and well into her 60s), a “number of racy phone conversations, not quite phone sex but certainly rife with foreplay” commenced. After the end of his relationship with Whoopi Goldberg, Langella was set up on a date with the 69-year-old, violet-eyed icon.

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